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------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: CFF_and_JFF Sent: 8/17/2004 AM Dear Diary, I dont get it. First Mommy left Daddy for some scary guy in a black leather jacket. I wonder if the baby will wear a black leather diaper?? Mikey ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Katlyn Luvs Journey Sent: 8/17/2004 PM Dear Diary The jealousy over my brother is driving me crazy. I sure hope one of them hurry and get some or move on already, so that they can refocus there efforts on ME... Skye ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Patient Gher Sent: 8/17/2004 PM Dear Diary, I'm not really sure why I came to port Charles. I can't help but lmao, at the fact that Skye was naive enough to think that Lucky would follow through and find out what really happened.Im rich, suave, conceited AND egotistical, yet im still alone! Then Daddy made a baby with some lady in black leather pants. When I first arrived, I framed Skye for the murder of Det. I wore a wig and made Lucky and Skye believe that Laura was stalking her. He's too busy helping Pollyanna out, to care about anything else. Anyway, not sure if I am going to just meander around or actually have a true purpose in this town.Doesn't he know that we are the one true supercouple in Port Charles? Sometimes I wonder if I will be grown up by the time they find me and I return home? I have tried to bring my brother down several times, I even kidnapped his prenant wife and locked her behind a wall in my home, which I shared with my ex-wife. I am starting to get through to her mother that she needs to be on my side. Rick ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Patient Gher Sent: 8/17/2004 PM Dear Diary, Here I sit, all alone in prison. Alexis, my lawyer, is too busy playing schoolgirl crush with Rick (the guy who sent me here). Did Lucky forget that his dad and mom are MISSING???Nobody stares at him and blinks the way I do, dammit! I'd better hide my framed portrait of Sonny back under my pillow and go make her some breakfast before she yells at me again. All everyone cares about is the "well being" of the baby Daddy made with the lady in the black leather pants. Maybe I will be able to get me some black leather pants or jacket then! Now I am district attorney and I have tried to get this man behind bars but it just isn't working. Well now I have one up on him, I know about a child thats his and he has no clue. Jax, is too busy trying to get some tushy from Courney, to help me out. Does he not care that someone framed me and his mother??? So I scrapped my plan A, and came up with a plan B. Will anyone ever figure out what I did with Luke and Laura.Chloe, Skye, Brenda, Alexis...*sigh* they have all broke my heart at some point. Then Skye, okay yeah I married her but Brenda came back! Alexis, well I just didnt want her to marry Ned, so I got her to run away with me..I dumped her. I mean I only publically humiliated her, its not that big of a deal! Well she is smart, rich (just like me ) and beautiful but the best part is she is the sister to the man I hate with a passion! Did I mention I was handed one million dollars for saving a dog in a fire? Jax xoxo Courtney ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Makennasmommy Sent: 8/17/2004 AM Diary, (stare, blink.....) Mikey is great. I am so tired of having to keep up with what other people wear on tall cliffs in the dark so that they die instead of me!I mean Chloe died waiting for me and she just couldnt understand that she wasnt BRENDA! Anyway diary, things are getting pretty serious with my new guy. I can't help falling for him and can't wait for what comes next with him. Gosh, if Nicolaus doesn't snap out of this thing, I might have to take some of those drugs he has been taking, he is so lucky he can just forget everything and sleep with whoever he wants because of his memory loss.Dear Diary, I am so angry I could flare my nostrils and stomp ten laps around the penthouse - oh, never mind, that was Sarah Brown pretending to be me. All of my grandchildren have done it, some more than once.No one says anything about it, but I know they are different!

(By the way, there was a great movie about that with an actor called JJ, he was fabulous, but he looked strangely familiar.) Anyway, I need to look into the age thing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: baybeeboricua1982 Sent: 8/17/2004 AM Dear Diary, I need help with my life yet again. My sister couldn't help me way back when so now I have my boyfriend's(well he's an ex now for 80th time) niece trying to help me out. He had no problem with that pretty dark haired girl who can sing. But I only kissed my cousin and made him go after my cross-dressing ex boyfriend who I love so much because I think he enjoyed being Astrid way too much. My sister has seemed to disappear into thin air and my parents are way too preoccupied to listen to my problems. Your best friend, Georgie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: baybeeboricua1982 Sent: 8/17/2004 AM Oh yea diary, I forgot to mention how jealous I got when I thought he wanted to get it on with his aunt. I have a pregnant woman in my house and she's driving me crazy. But my biggest problem is that my best friend and mobster boss has gotten back together with his wife.My other son's New Yawk, long finger nailed, getto ex-wife and unsuitable off spring are back in town. Sadly the only person I have ever been able to tell I loved has passed away. She must be part bloodhound and could smell his wallet a mile way. The only person that is even slightly virtuous is my bother and mansion owning wife's adopted daughter. What is mean spirited, revengful, greedy, self-appreicating woman of stature supposed to do? Alky Aka "uncle Lorenzo"(thats a mouthful) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: KMVMFAN1 Sent: 8/17/2004 PM Dear Diary: What can I do my husband is in love with another woman. I even let him shoot me in the head but it still wasn’t enough. Bensonhurst has never seen the likes of anyone like Lorenzo. Oh, one more thing before I go to dreamland, DD, I wish my Brookie would stop calling me Ma. Lois ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Vicki D Sent: 8/17/2004 PM ROFLOL Annie84!! I keep fingering my diamond brooch and wondering when Reginald is going to show up. Why did she invite him to watch me roll around on the mats? ") I wonder if he really did lock up Michael and Morgan's mommy. She admired my dress and called me pretty, which I thought just showed good sense. Michael's daddy has these really deep dimples, and we had a good time watching the babies at the hospital that one time, till Mommy came. I don't think she likes Michael's daddy at all, and she looked really scared to see me with him, which got me feeling very anxious too.My beloved mother crafted this weird competition in her will to make the family act virtuous. I even changed my hair color but he just went out and impregnated a look alike. Do you think that maybe they buried him alive with the missus? Maxie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: baybeeboricua1982 Sent: 8/18/2004 AM Dear Diary, I have no clue why I have kids. Why does she give him her best smiles, the flirty one??? Of course, if Mommy doesn't like someone, I am sure she has her reasons. She is professional and polished and very very smart.Just when I get used to the size of my stomach, it suddenly grows 3 sizes. He has this amazing ability to convey so much in just a glance.

I become accustomed to the change and then WHAMMO, it just disapears! People on the street giggle and whisper when I walk by, I can't figure it if it's because of the whole tummy thing or if it's because I wear stillettos with sweatpants. I think I may be starting to like him a little though.When I ask him questions that he doesn't like, he just stares at me like he wants me to evaporate into thin air. I rain my insults liberally and destroy everything and everyone that crosses my path. But, what can I say, I am sucker for his dimples, so I forgave him and now I am trying to work on keeping my family together - where did I leave those darn kids anyway??? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Vicki D Sent: 8/17/2004 AM Dear Diary, I can’t believe what my interfering,… After all, it’s not like she won’t have to scour the entire Eastern seaboard for the guy. TTFN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Andee Sent: 8/17/2004 AM Dear Diary, I think that there is something wrong with my family.